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Coldspring, Texas

Welcome to The Band Daily;
where we are all family! 
On lead guitar and vocals is Jordan Phillips.
On bass guitar Magan Phillips. 
On drums Luke Reaves and 
on rhythm guitar is Charlie Phillips Reaves.
You come into the world by the beat of lullabies and most leave by the beat of a hymn; and each song in between will mark monumental moments in your heart. Realize it or not, we listen to the band daily. Think of all the life lived in the pinned lyrics of every song from the beginning of time and what an intimate relationship you share with that artist in that moment We live on a multigenerational farm with barking dogs, braying donkeys, milk cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, and ducks. If you were to visit the farm, Jordan would greet you with a glass of tea, offer you a lawn chair, and converse on whether a falling tree makes a sound if no one is there to hear it. Magan and Charlie would wave to you from the garden while they gather produce and watched the children play. Luke would tip his hat to you in passing as he busied himself in one of his projects. When the sun goes down, with pen and instruments in hand, they put life into music. Thank you for visiting our family and sharing in moments of our life by listening to our music. Come back and see us!
Love you 
Momma K