Lakeside HillTop Farm

SPECIALIZING IN:                                                                 ABOUT OUR FARM FAMILY:

*Homemade Cooking/Baking

(Milk, Butter, Cheese, Bread, Yogurt, Sour Cream, Heavy Whipping Cream)



(Deer, Squirrel, Feral Hogs, Wild Rabbits)


(Trinity River & Lake Livingston)

*Aquaponics/Stock Pond (Catfish)

*Bovine (Jersey Cattle)



*Poultry and Eggs

(Chicken: Rhode Island Reds)

(Ducks: Mallard)

*Goats (Nubian)

*Rabbits (California)

*Swine (Berkshire)

*Equestrian (Quarter Horse)

*Welding (Arc Stick and Tig)


(Muscadine and Apple Wine)


(Decks, Barns, Benches)


(Weapons, Tools, Gates, Signs) 



Family of 10



4th Generation

COVID-19 inspried farming



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