Married to the band

I have learned over the years traveling and touring with my band surviving, succeeding, praying, not knowing tomorrow and being ok with it, depending on the band fam Daily with out doubt, that it's not just about how great we are at our job, ok I can play a guitar so can thousands of other people but can they play with Magan, Jordan and Luke? that's as dumb as saying "I can be a spouse to someone" I'm sure you can, but you can't be my spouse. I have one and no one else can be to me who he is. Our band is just like a marriage; any band who has ever been anything is the same way. Other full time bands won't see their families but a few times a year, but are with their band everyday all year long. They know the highways more than they know their kids. They know their band members more than their own wives. This is why we are blessed; we never miss our mom, dad, kids, siblings... we hit that road together. We never need a break. What happens on stage, the connection, etc. is only as real as the spiritual connection off stage. People are not dumb; they can see fake a mile away. We are the real deal because of who we are off stage to each other and to each of you. There are those who truly love us, because y'all get it. You understand that the best part of each of us are the ones we travel with. We are the best and worst of each other. At times we are the only hope the other one has, and at times we are the boulder that holds the other one down; that's the truth. Then there are those who will never get it. They don't want to understand because they are in it for themselves only. They care only about the money and what they can get from you. They don't care if the show is fake because they are fake .... we are keeping it real. you can count on us for that. Sometimes the truth is ugly and sometimes the truth is refreshing. that's just us .... we love y'all 😘

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